A bit off the wall but I need some help with a DX7

Does anyone know anything about the DX7? I have a DX7 IID that I’m fixing for a friend, it has the Grey Matter E! board installed and it needed a new battery. I installed a battery holder rather than the old-style thing that was on there but now I can’t figure out how to restore the patches. I’ve been hunting around the WWW for some advice but so far no luck. It doesn’t work like a stock DX7.

Grey Matter


If you have a Grey Matter E! card installed, it’s slightly more complicated: Press “function”, then “operator select” twice to select the “memory” page, push button 31 twice (Memory Protect Internal) and then “off”. This disables the memory protect. Then press “function”, then “operator select” four times to select the “keyboard control” page, push button 2 (Midi in filters: SYSEX) and then “on”. This enables SYSEX data transfer. You are now finally ready to send the data from your computer.

On the DX7II-d, you need to turn memory protection off (Button #14), set the device number on the keyboard to the device number under which the sysex was originaly saved (button #32), and set “MIDI IN” to “normal” (button #29). If you don’t do this third step, you get no error message and no hint of what is wrong, but the keyboard just doesn’t accept the sysex data.
DX7 Page
hope that helps

Thanks for the links, have not seen that first one. I tried your quoted instructions, didn’t work. Today I will spend some time with the E! manual and see if it makes any sense. This DX7 doesn’t have any keys labelled “Function”.