A bit of Yes

Still trying to figure out the Eurorack stuff, doing something other than bloops and bleeps. It’s a little rough, as usual.


Clap. Yours is no disgrace.

I was a teen in the 1970s, Wakeman was my hero.

Thats “three yes-es” from me! Up to the next round :wink:

Oh Yes! Well done :slight_smile:

Thanks all! The “over-playing” is fairly classic Wakeman, he certainly has lots of chops. In the prog rock days, that was not considered over-playing.

The version of Starship Trooper on Yessongs is one of my favourite songs.

Nice work. I have been really into Yes since elementary school. Saw them in St. Louis in the late 90’s and again on the Magnification tour with Wakeman in college. Both were awesome and completely different as one was an amphitheater and one was a small theater in Milwaukee. Wurm was a highlight of the St. Louis show. I’ll never forget it.

very nice as a terrible teenage bass player I marvelled at Chris Squire’s bass on Roundabout (swiped from my Dad’s collection, ha ha). Sounds like you went further with Wakeman! That playing is fantastic. Good showcase of the MI modules on bass duties too

Thanks guys. @bendy_john, you should listen to “Heart of the Sunrise” some day.

I always liked Squire’s bass playing and love his voice. I have Squire’s Fish Out Of Water record and it has some great moments. His and Howe’s harmonies really complement Anderson. Oh man I gotta listen to some Yes right now…talk to you later.

I saw Yes for the first time when they did Tales From Topographic Oceans. It was a bit boring actually, even Wakeman wasn’t thrilled I read later. I saw them again with Patrick Moraz when Relayer was released, and I like that album, a great night. Then I saw them (sort of) again last year. No Anderson and no Wakeman, but the rest of the guys were there, and still fairly good. Tales never impressed me, but Fragile, Relayer, Close To The Edge and several others are some of my favourite albums. Those and Dark Side of the Moon. I’m thinking maybe growing up in the 70s might’ve been a bad influence on me.

The font on one of my custom XTs (the ladder filter version) is the font used on The Ladder by Yes.

piscione ok when I’m on one of my occasional sabbaticals from dark electronics I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

Ha! - awesome. We should have a “Wakeman Off” (or Rick Off???) - see who’s packing some skills…

Nice work!

Thanks! A “Wakeman Off”, wow, better start practicing those Hanons.

Great track, thanks for sharing.