9V AC Power Supply for Ambika question

I have to get a 9V AC Power Supply for the Ambika i’m building.

I just wanted to clarify whether a 9V AC 1 Amp supply will be ok or should i try to get something more like 500mA.

If 1 Amp is not an issue , that is what is most readily available.

a higher max current rating is always fine. 500 mA is really on the low side.

Great , thanks altitude.

Hi, I got confused with all the power supplies of all my synth and plugged a 12v 1200mA output supply to the ambika. It was plugged for about 10 min then unplugged and plugged the correct one. Would this have broken my ambika? Some of the notes in the keyboard are nto triggered. Not sure if i blowed up something? it was never smoke or smell of burn. Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


No, regulators will get a bit warmer but no harm.

was it 12v AC or 12V DC?

its supposed to be AC.

right but if he had a 12v dc plugged in for 10 minutes, i believe it could have harmed some of the IC’s

no. Its rectified to DC anyway

Oh yes, it was my mother 32 Power supply so its a 12V DC power supply. Could this have harmed the voices?

I tried to find the post, but I thought I read that some of the voice cards had opamps that could break if you fed positive polarity into both sides.