8hp Tides up and running

This is my first post here and I’d like to show you something i was working on for the last weeks.
I love MI stuff and there’s one module I’m in deep love with, Tides and I’d like to have more, but room in the case is a problem everyone knows.
I also want to try to design more complicated pcbs than the few pedals and basic analog stuff I have done for now so I decided to try to do an 8hp Tides.

To make some room on the board and keep it DIY friendly I get rid of the FTDI connector and switches. I know some people won’t like that but this is a choice I had to do. I also changed the switches replaced the mcp6004 and TL072 for TSSOP packages.
The controls on the panel are totally symmetrical so it was easy to do a double side panel. One side for Tides the other one for Sheep. C’est un peu comme un malabar bi-goût ^^

For the name, I read somewhere Olivier is not kind of the use of the original names of the modules for our modified versions and personally I don’t really like the “micro” appellation. So I guess “Swirls” and “Lamb” illustrate correctly what this module is about.
There’s a few things to fix on the pcb (silkscreen mistakes, size of the side legs holes for the pots) and on the panel, but for now it’s working just fine.
Here is the pcb files but please wait before building it, I have to do the corrections. The panel will come soon too.

I would really like to give a big thank you to Olivier, for sharing his wonderful designs with us and allow us to play with it for better and for worse…
I hope you’ll enjoy it !

Ps : as a new user I can’t post more than one pics, so pics of “Lamb” and the board in the next posts.



Great work!


That looks pretty awesome and i appreciate lots of your approaches. One of the not many smaller versions of MI modules which appear usable and not just cramped shrunk zombies.
Did you think about arranging the four tiny potis like a circle/rotated square? Like moving the outer potis (shape/smoothness) a bit upwards. Probably even more accessable physically. Otherwise visually it’s more clear and straight that way. – Room for attenuverters ;))) (probably not :p)

Big up and thanks for sharing

Hi Nino, thanks for your kind comments. The jack placement as you described it is something I tried but I wasn’t able to find a way to do it. The biggest problem is to deal with the legs of the through hole parts. There’s not much large enough area to place the ics and other smd parts. But maybe it’s possible. If someone want to try it ! For now I have to move forward, finish my army of Tides, make music and work on another project !

this is great! I love Tides and will always have one of them in my rack, but this could make having two or more a lot more reasonable for folks with compact setups, and having a fairly complex 8hp wavetable oscillator with built in VCA is hard to beat!

can you please let us know when the github is updated with your final version?

beautiful !

Yes sure I did not have the time yet to do the minor fixes but I’ll do it soon. I’ll let you know.

No rush! Just excited to have a go at building a Tides/Sheep eventually

I have uploaded the files

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