80s bass sound?


The bass sound on this track has been used on loads on things, what’s the sound and synth it is from? DX7?

It was on Howard Jones’s What is Love as well I think.



Yes, highly possible DX-7…


Thought it was. I think I see a DX of some sort on the left, middle rung of the keyboard stand.



Sounds like a DX-7 to me, too.



Just found it (should have Googled).

“Another use of the internal factory patch 15 “BASS 1” is on the Howard Jones british top hit “What Is Love” (Track 2). Both bells sounds from the introduction (0’04’’ and 00’14”) are also played with DX7:"


Also famously used on “Take On Me” and “Danger Zone”.


Indeed, that’s how I knew it was a preset :slight_smile:


I think it’s preset 19. At least on the DX7 i have over here.


I’d never imagine that dx7 bass making a comeback. Here’s another example to great effect.


It’s truly amazing. Isn’t it.


Synthwave has brought back many retro sounds that people consider to be “tacky”. Even those 80s sampled drum machines.


i think its a matter of context. The sounds have a lot of ‘time accumulation’ in them. Time=suffering/emotion

These sounds are now connected to much more now than just a piece of technology.

My opinion


Agreed, time is accumulated in the sounds. And it’s thanks to Synthwave that I believe there is a revival of the sounds. But presumably its the young musicians that were born or grew up after the 80’s, that are the premier source of Synthwave music? I guess they should have a different ear and a untainted association to the sounds?


Synthwave is truly great. For the longest time, I have been crafting my sounds, curious of where the influence originated from. I actually stumbled on the phrase Synthwave when listening to the Stranger Things soundtrack and that open a new world to me. The way synths are used in this genre is ideal for my taste. I had no idea it also traced back to the 80s.


A lot of it is ideal for the individual musician who doesn’t sing. I worked on tunes for years without a singer and the music was naturally “full” because of not needing to cut a big space in the sound to fit a vocal in. We never really did find a singer and those we did speak to said new songs needed to be written around the vocal.

So the fact that soundtrack music is now popular is handy :slight_smile: