800€ distortion/filter/eq/LFO

Have been waiting for the reveal, but I have to say I’m not that impressed. Seems a bit limited to me. Hey, they have the algorithms for some nice reverb, delay, etc. The AD/DA is there as well and a beefier processor doesn’t cost a lot. For ~30$ more you could have a box with way more FX.
But it wouldn’t be purely analog anymore. Maybe that’s the reason?

Anyways, I’m surprised to see it doesn’t have a sequencer.

Kinda makes sense for them to take some of the analog circuitry they’ve designed for the AR and A4/AK as well as their Overbridge stuff and do a box like this.

It looks like it’s the exact same 2-pole multimode filter as the second filter on the A4 and the one in the AR. You’d kinda expect to see a 4-pole on an external filter box like this. Also, this filter sounds nice, but it doesn’t exactly have a lot of character (the 4-pole ladder filter from the A4/AK does, I think).

It’s also a bit weird that it doesn’t include the compressor from the AR.

Listening to the demos, they seem to have included a nice selection of distortion types. This could be a convenient box for people who mostly work in-the-box and who would feel a need to add some “real analogue” to their productions.

Having said that, I really don’t really hear anything especially exciting. I already own a bunch of effect pedals that can give me more interesting results for a lot less money and these days there are excellent options for analogue modelled filters, drive, and distortion if I would want to keep it in the box.

That’s the question… not sure what the target audience is for this…

Re filters: I always found the 4 pole on the AK very lame and boring (surprised to read you find it characterful). The 2 pole was okay but not outstanding either. But the Rytms filter really blew me away. As much as I want to believe it… I just can’t imagine the AR and A4/AK have the same 2 pole filter in them.

Re over bridge: yes it makes sense to make a box like that. They put much work into overbridge and surely they will use it in many more products. But this thing… for 800 bucks, I don’t see this becoming a success.

Also it seems to me like this thing is primarily useful in the studio. Which is interesting as their other products lean towards live performance heavily.

I suppose some people will need to fill all the slots on their Overhub™? I guess that integration must be the real selling point here, because you could get a Sherman Filterbank or an OTO Biscuit for a lot less dough.

They either know something we don’t… or they did the wrong market analysis. The main problem with this seems to be that the perceived value of such an FX box is not close to the sum they ask for it… we’d probably be a bit more impressed if they had tried to sell it for 599€.
Then of course 800€ might the sum they need to ask for this to make sense financially, but I wonder how many people are really willing to spend this much just for having something analogue.

“Also it seems to me like this thing is primarily useful in the studio.”

Wouldn’t it better if it were a rackmount device then ?

The main problem with this seems to be that the perceived value of such an FX box is not close to the sum they ask for it…

I think this is probably true for all Elektron gear. :wink:

It says 750 usd

@Varthdader It’s $749/€799/£679. Us Europeans have gotten so Americanized that we’re now also referring to our euros as “bucks”. :wink:

Sorry for sounding like “that guy” but their intro video is more than a bit underwhelming:


Sure, that’s some decent fuzz bass, but I already own all the pedals I’d ever need to do that.

People seem to be willing to pay for a Waldorf 4 pole, does this do the same sort of thing?

Maybe more like a mini afb16?

I don’t use the computer much so it’s not for me but this seems like it could be a fun audio interface for the in the box crowd. (Has anybody ever used ‘fun’ and ‘audio interface’ in the same sentence before?)

Has anybody ever used ‘fun’ and ‘audio interface’ in the same sentence before?


I think this is probably true for all Elektron gear. :wink:

I just bought an Octatrack and spent a huge amount of money on it for my parameters. but it felt like a good investment. It does feel worth its money. I mean, something like 1K would probably have been a more “digestible” price for it, but then I get the fact that they aren’t Roland or Korg and well. The OT feels like you just bought a nice mercedes, after having messed with some lousy cheapo cars for a long time (just maybe with a couple of more bugs to squash).

…makes me want to search for my 4Pole on the Attic.

I have a thing for stereo filters so I’m always in the market for one…this one says stereo on the box but I don’t really hear in-your-face-stereo in the examples. Despite all the distortion it doesn’t sound very colorful. Love the idea, but besides the multimode and two CV inputs (can be used for 2 expression pedals?) I don’t see a reason to sell my stereo shruthi or waldorf x-pole. Stereo shruthi has an amazing sounding 2 pole, x-pole has a great distortion and 4pole. Quality and control looks good though and is probably worth the price. Would’ve been an instabuy with chorus / reverb/ delay. X-pole was probably more expensive when it came out. Mutators are way more expensive. Evolvers are cheaper. Stereo Shruthi plus good distortion is probably cheaper.

I just hope this means they decide to make a standalone midi sequencer!

Too much overlap with octatrack.