$80 keyboard with MIDI interface

How long before one of you builds a Shruthi-keys with the Rock Band MIDI controller

Also, I love keytars

Wow… Sorely tempted by one of these. Not sure if I can bring myself to dismantle the nicely-encased Shruthi I’ve just built, but I DO have a fully-assembled SMR-4 board that needs a home… Hmm.

and where do I get an electric platypus to play it?
Anyway… I think I’ll try to get one of these keytars, they seem to offer quite a bang for the buck!

This platypus looks very kind and benevolent.

Sorry but i’m using an other keyboard to build mine :wink:

Im using this as foundation for my Shruti(<- no H!)Key.

and me this one:

(for the Shruti with no H too, but with H for me :slight_smile: )

@EATYone: Nice! I’m actually using a pcr-300 for mine!

Hell - where are you gonna hide all those additional knobs???

I’m pulling out all the guts and building an entirely new case for it - but I was planning on routing all the pots and controls via CC#s for the struthi - shouldn’t it be pretty straightforward?

Same here Willyy :slight_smile: excatly the same project.

What are you building the case from? I’ve started cutting out pieces using 1/4" plywood, but I’m thinking I might switch to MDF for some of the large parts…

MDF for all, an perhaps allu or Plexiglas for the faceplate, but for the moment just MDF i think, cause It’s the easiest material i Know to work with…In a second phase a friend of me wich build guitar will give me some precious Wood like wengé or pallisandre…