8 pin inter-board connectors - Source in the UK?

This is the connector set “J4” with 8 pins that connects the CV, OSC and power between the 2 boards. I sourced some connectors from my last build from Tayda and they were not very good, the pins were too thin to stack them. Do farnell or CPC have these? I couldn’t find anything when I looked but I don’t really know what these things are called. I think if I had the keywords I might be able to find them elsewhere.

Some hobbyist electronics/robotics shops will stock arduino headers. Might be worth searching for.

Excellent, yes they seem to be called Stackable Arduino Headers on ebay. I think the “stackable” word is important as my Tayda ones did not stack.

Here are some for 99p including UK postage.

eBay is your friend … I bought a shed load from the Far East. Took up to a month to arrive, but.
Farnell/CPC/Rapid will rape your wallet.



That’s a good site, I will make a note of that.

Is there any similar web shops in Germany or France for such things ( headers , jumber cables etc. ) ?

Fritzing, Watterot, Robodino.de, Komputer.de. The Google will likely tell you more if you enter the magical phrase Arduino shop Germany and watch what comes up. Or Arduino shop France, which I haven’t tried yet.

No problem to get them at the big R…

In France there’s snootlab

Plus zartronic and Semageek

I have a bunch of 6 pin stacking headers, can I break off two pins and just combine it with another 6 pin? I trimmed my pins a little too much and power cuts out frequently


if you look at the ends of a header strip, the outside ends are just a little thicker than the plastic between the 2.54mm pins, so make sure you get i the right way round … or some filing will be in order.

hope that makes sense,


As soon as I got the “jep” to go for it I did it. It took a little whittling but my shruthi now stays on — a great blessing. There’s just something about fabricating solid connections that feels really good when it works. Thanks