8-bit is the new analog

I know this is heresy, and I will no doubt be burned at the analog stake and have my binary ashes strewn randomly throughout the four corners of the earth, but I think the DIGITAL FILTER BOARD is my new favorite.


I like its sounds alot… id like to hear if anyone shoved it with a analog one together though!

Soon… I also plan to see what the Sidekick and Oto Biscuit do with it… I’ll post samples.

But just today after a few minutes of tweaking I got this great creaking/groaning/croaking rubbery bass sound that I have been looking for for a long time. The distortion section (along with the sound of the oscillators and the cool digital filter [which sounds WARM btw!]) works perfectly for this type of thing. Tweak out the envelopes and it just kills…

Love it.

Great job Olivier! I gather from the documentation that this board represents a huge amount of work that’s not talked about much for some reason. It’s brilliant.

Keep in mind that the Sidekick cannot be interfaced with the digital filter board - the digital filter board receives cutoff / resonance / vca gain and the FX settings through a high-speed serial (digital) connection rather than as CVs!

No, I understand that. I was just going to use it as a separate effect… Like the Biscuit or another Shruthi…

Indeed I’m considering amputating my polivoks board and transplanting my dsp board in the red alert case until I build a second control board. It’ll feel super dirty having something other than the polivoks in the commiecase, but the digital filter is THAT badass!