8,6V regulator for 12V PSU

There are several good quality 12…15V PSU-s, some intended for audio/music use, like the ones made for Yamaha keyboards. Anushri has an input voltage spec a bit lower than 9V. I designed a 8,6V regulator. You can drive more than one Anushri (depending the current capability of the 12V PSU). The input voltage can be as high as 24V, so some notebook chargers can be used as well.

Operation: the R1 current sensing resistor opens the PNP power transistor when the load is higher than 70mA and the power transistor takes the current.
The ground pin of the 7805 is lifted up by the 3,6V zener diode.

input voltage 12V…15V DC with small heat sink, 15-24V larger heatsink
output voltage - 8,6V DC
output current - 800mA/channel (limited by the fuse)

7805 (prefer Nat Semi or Texas Instruments) - no heatsink necessary
Tr1 - PNP power transistor, on a heatsink, TIP2955 (TO247) or MJE2955T or BD244 or TIP42
ZPD3,6 zener diode

R1 - current sense - 10ohm
R2 - base resistor - 4,7ohm
R3 - 820ohm

C1 - 470u/35V (within the 100u-470u range is OK)
C2 - 100nF flat ceramic
C3 - 22uF/35V
C4 - 22uF/35V
C5 - 100nF flat ceramic

fuse - 800mA fast
fuse holder - screw type

good luck.