74hc165 and 74hc595 - IC2 + IC3 soldering. can anyone recommend low profile sockets for these IC's?

hey peeps,
just approaching this stage of the Shruthri kit - apart from some neck ache everything has worked so far … :wink: BUT - I am really not confident about soldering IC’s directly, as I am not experienced at soldering, and I’ve cooked IC’s before doing this. Can anyone recommend low profile sockets for these IC’s ? any help, advice here appreciated

since i don’t know where you order from i’d say look for the term machined sockets. that’s low enough

You don’t need low profile sockets - you have 10mm of airspace above the the pcb, plenty enough for a socket + chip. A tube might not fit, though.

If you need low-profile and slightly fancy, the Mill-Max or similar round milled sockets are pretty low profile.

Mouser links for 2x8 (16pin) sockets:



many thanks peeps :@)
I’m in the UK, btw

dont know about using a $1.50 socket on a $0.40 part…

I think the socket also is to protect the PCB in case you need to remove an IC. (speaking out of experience as former 165 fryer)

FWIW, I’ve had joy with sockets from Maplin and Conrad, the latter looking extremely chunky by “low-profile” standards but still leaving enough breathing space. I’m sure that somewhere there exists sockets that are too big, but I don’t think anybody around has yet screwed up a Shruthi build by finding such a socket. So in all probability, you can relax.

I thought that Olivier decided to include a set of sockets for those 2 chips for the last batches?

The one i received shortly before x-mas had none.

i never use sockets. but i should have a load of that junk somewhere in my carpet_of_parts™
if you like i can send you some

better use them yourselves rosch. why are you afraid of sockets? i discussed this by accident with my wife and she asked if you fear somebody could steal your chips?

yes. better safe than sorry :wink:

hey; all this feedback is excellent - what a gr8 forum :@)
I havent actually checked all the parts for this section of the build yet - i just read through the instructions in advance + saw the mention of low profile sockets being required if you dont solder straight on the PCB so i thought i would check. I tried to build a guitar effects pedal onetime and cooked about 3 IC’s before giving up - i didn’t know about sockets back then…
thanks again for all the helpful comments.
btw has anyone on here tried the anushri kit yet?

nearly everybody around here has done the Anushri i think…It’s a great synth and there is a programmer coming up also!

Programmer? Did anybody say Programmer?

It programmer all over the place

now that is sweet…

do you have any audio of that beast online anywhere?

just use any Anushri Demo…