6U or 9U, That is the Question

LOL! Funny 'cause it’s true.

No cat here :frowning:

What about HP? I’m going to buy rails soon and tiptop has 84,104,126,168 HP. Is More HP just the way to go if I’m only building 6U?

Do you try to cheat yourself?

It depends, I just recently meditated on the issue, and it is more complex than just more HP=more space.

More HP lengthwise also mean more expensive cables, longer cables, more mess, and a much higher chance of encountering the dreaded “hold on, I need to find a cable that is long enough to reach from one end of the rack to the other” -phase…

84 is my favorite - you can put your 9U DöpferLowCost Modular to the Back of your 10U Siderack for transport and safe on an additional Flightcase :wink: