6 Shruthis vs 1 Ambika

What do you think?

I like polychaining, and hands on control of each voice is more immediate than menu diving. Also Shruthi from what I’ve read responds better to MIDI CC’s than Ambika. Inputs for each voice means more creative possibilities. Also, I can add as many voices as I want. 6x Shruthis is more expensive than 1 Ambika but that doesn’t matter to me.

Downsides to 6 Shruthis?

Unless you’re using a separate MIDI processor to split the voices, the last Shruthi in the chain will have a lag of almost 15 ms. Unless you’re doing six Shruthi XTs, programming is much better on Ambika than on Shruthi (but I wouldn’t describe the process for either as “menu diving”, the page system is nearly as nice as knob-per-function on Ambika, and is some ways is better than a typical knobby implementation). Ambika also has three LFOs and envelopes, plus an additional per-voice LFO, Shruthi only has two each (although if you were doing six Shruthis they’d all be per-voice), and Ambika has a larger mod matrix with twice as many operators. Ambika’s more powerful processor, larger screen, and additional controls opens it up for more interesting firmware mods than Shruthi. You’d need an additional mixer to combine the inputs of six Shruthis and get them to equal levels. Two Ambika can be polychained for twelve voices, infinitely more convenient than a twelve-unit Shruthi chain even if money is no object. Where did you read that Shruthi responds better to CC than Ambika? In what way?

I would split the voices in Ableton and use discrete MIDI outputs to each Shruthi. I have a mixer.

Thanks for describing the differences, I was not aware of all of these.

I forgot where I read Shruthi responds better to Ambika, I guess I was misremembering.