5x PCB pairs for the Yellow Magic Shruthi-1 [all gone]

I have five pairs of PCBs (control board and filter board) for the Yellow Magic Shruthi-1. In spite of the problems encountered by MicMicMan, I think that the design is stable and the boards are OK (I have built and tested 3 of them, botched one due to an assembly mistake gone to 6581punk, the proto was OK and altitude got his working too). The boards come with a yellowrange finish and cute japanese cartoon characters (aka “Pr. Mutable and Miss Mutable”?).

I’d rather see those go to people who would build them rapidly so that I can get feedback before the official launch.

me too, that’s why it was just such a lame excuse

It’s spreading. Decontamination crew!

i have no day job, I’m just comparing lengths

@fcd72, isn’t that the other thread?

Sorry, all gone!

OK :slight_smile: i’m getting used to it!..

i’d like one if there is still a pair left…(?)

@shimoda This one may work. Pichenettes may be able to confirm this:


@pichenettes the real reason my proto is not built = “My dog ate my proto.” :slight_smile:

Yup, the 25mm version of this part is the one used for the MIDIpal.

Check the datasheet that it is pin compatible. Check on mouser variants with a longer shaft maybe?

i got a proto board too and sorry for not having built it yet, but my supplier of mouser parts thinks his dayjob is more important hehe i bet it is :wink:


Setting up my source order and both Mouser and Digi-Key do not have the encoder used on the shruthi control board, it’s the only thing out of stock with backorder times of 16 weeks. Any good replacement? Or anything in particular I should look for to use as a replacement?

On the proto the Zener is silkscreened as 2.7V. 2.4V is more reasonable, 2.1V if you really want to avoid the signal getting in the delay to get too hot.

1 pair of boards left!

Its quite easy: order Resistors by 100s, Cs, Diodes, Transistors by 10s and always 2-3 chips to much. Adds up quite fast :wink:

@pichenettes Yes. I have one of the protos. I can solder it this weekend, test, and report back. I ordered the board pairs today to have matching (color) PCBs. :slight_smile: I’ve been meaning to order a SSM2044 filter board PCB anyway and thought this would be a good time to save on shipping. What is the correction of a part value (label on the PCB)?


add up it does, and causes, as you noticed elsewhere, cache shortage, or I/Ou errors.

@xtrmnt: ah, so you’re the one who got a proto? Note that the proto and this board are the same (minus the silkscreen style and the correction of a part value).