5h Button isn't responding and LED lights always up [solved]

dont know if this was from the start, i was concentrating by building an controller/programmer. but now i was looking for the midi channel setup i noticed that the 5th button is not responding at all. and the led still lights up, no matter what i do. just after powering on the shruthi… oO
any idea?

Check for a bad solder joint on the resistor network or the 165.

Thank you, resoldered almost anything around there and nothing happened. THEN I realised one little piece if a cable reaching to another solding point near there causing a short… Oh my. I should have mentioned that I’m extending the shruthi to an 2HE dream machine.

Did it solve your problem?

yes! how can i tag the discussion as solved?

Edit your first message and add “[solved]” to the title.