50 Shades

I’ve finally received the first 50 Shades ordered 13 months ago, and I’m not thrilled about the quality. So I’ll be selling those at B-stock price. Hoping that the ones that follow will look better…

The next batch will be made at the same place as Braids & co - around february or march.

…of Grey!

2 ordered, 48 shades left.

aaaaah-ha, we fade to shades (not necessarily of grey, but it’s an option)…

what is the defect you’re not happy with?

  • Some boards needed rework and there are traces of rework on the back.
  • Some boards had twisted potentiometers that I had to straighten.
  • Some boards had to be disassembled once or twice, so there are scratches/dents on the edge of the panel.

oh my. lots of hassle for you, lots of affordable, skiff-friendly mixing attenuverters for us…

ShadesBeeStockLeft -= 2

what - only two shades left?
that’s like, a one bit color space?

(x -= 2) != (x = 2)

this is getting scary: ordered yesterday, arrived today!
that’s quicker than amazon.

Order placed at 13:46, shipment notification received at 18:27, package received at 10:11 the next morning…

Delegation of Horny Llamas.

I’ve been trying not to say that to the poor delivery person for months now…

I’ll have one of those, too.