4Pole Mission : 8 Leds for pages near the semi-opaque plexiglas case?


For 4 Pole Mission kit, you say in build instruction for the digital control board :
"The 8x 220R resistors on top of the control board set up the brightness of the LEDs. While 220R is fine for standard green/red/yellow LEDs, this is a bit too low for the bright white LEDs that come with the kit - even filtered through the semi-opaque case! We suggest instead a value in the 560R to 2.2k range. The BOM is specifying 1k and this is what we have used in our builds.

I also have to solder the leds near the top of the case ?
Or near the pcb like the “normal” control board whith clear enclosure is ok ?

For my first Shruti whith Dark Blue Translucent enclosure, LEDs are not visible enough if solder near pcb :0(

With the white LEDs that come with the kit and 1k resistors, the LEDs can be left near the PCB - they are very bright and will shine through the case.

Mine are next to the board and the case is illuminated. I think they are supposed to be like lights in a snowstorm :slight_smile:

Excuse me for my bad english but
can’t be left near the PCB : i can solder like that and it’s ok ?

I think that’s was meant to say “can” not “can’t”. We all type the opposite by mistake :slight_smile:

yes I also think it is a mistake :0)
It’s ok for the snowstorm !
Thank you all

Obviously the closer to the case the smaller the glow circle will be. So it’s up to you how it looks.

Yes that’s right
Yours is easy to recognize the pages?
Maybe I should try before soldering leds …

If you solder them high you can always drop them down and cut off the legs after.

Make sure the legs don’t touch anything on the board below though.

Yes , existing something like that : entretoises pour leds …leds spacers?..

sorry for the mistake, yes you can leave them close to the PCB that’s what I did on the assembled units.

No problems thank you !