So i ordered my pcb’s not to long ago and i just had a chance to get to the mailbox to pick it up, shipping was great fast and not to expensive for being from out of the country. I plan on ordering some stuff off mousers tonight and start my build as soon as it arrives and i have a day off. Now i know the 4PM board does not have to much info on it regarding the BOM or build in itself so i was hoping to kinda take photos along the way of my build and make this kind of a guide (also anyone else who is working or has worked on a 4PM fell free to add or even start updating while i wait on the parts) to help anyone having trouble or just doubts about being able to finish it due to having less info on this filter then the others.

Hi welcome to the wonderful world of Mutable Instruments! Great choice with the 4PM!

Very nice pcb’s

Dont lick it, just because its sexy…

Just ordered most of my BOM from mousers think i need 1 chip still but will be updating some build pictures soon.

Hi if you click on my name and look at my posts there is a bit of info on the ones I have built. I have built 2. Let me know if you have any problem getting the switch caps.

This makes me want to start my 4PM.

I am trying to find that 1054 IC for less than $3.22 though.

Well i had written down most of the parts and number for mousers’s while i had 2 days off from work but never got around to ordering it, so i went with the mousers BOM thread 4pm filter project from mousers. So at least now it will be tested since no one has verified it, but it maybe missing more then headers and ic.

Parts have arrived i am just way to tiered to sort threw them at this moment, so soon i plan to start the build soon. Just did alot of sorting still have more to do before i can really start. It was an eye opener seeing all the parts of what i have really gotten into, looking forward to it none the less.

The best bit of advice I can give is not to rush and if you are working late at night and something is not working, try it again in the morning.

I’m with Dunk on that last point. I never take that advice myself, but I can think of numerous occasions when I should have :wink:


Ditto on Dunk and toneburst. Read the directions carefully, check the values of all resistors before soldering, make sure you use the correct voltage regulators, check the orientation of appropriate caps, make sure the chips are inserted in the correct orientation and take your time. It is much easier to solder something correctly once than to desolder and do it again.

The 4PM is a great filter board!

Thanks dunk tone and piscione, i was planning on doing the digital board first since it has more of a step by step manual, but noticed it said start with the filter or at least the power supply part of the filter. Also i plan on taking it very slow since i am pretty sure i do not have all the parts (know for a fact missing headers and an ic) also i was wondering what solder you guys used i have 60/40 and was thinking it may be a tad bit to wide.

60/40 is just the mixture of tin and lead. The millimeter diameter is what needs to be looked at. I’ve used everything from .25 to .50 mm, enjoying the slimmest the most. It takes a bit more for the “pools” created for audio in/out and midi connectors

The smaller the diameter the better for the solder. I always buy those tubes or spindles from Radioshack. Its probably cheaper elswhere, but there are two stores by me. I don’t know the size, but its the thinnest they sell.

A fine point for the soldering iron helps too.

I have a nice aoyue soldering station with a pretty fine tip (used it for vero boards and variou guitar pedal stuff) but i am thinking i should definitely get some thin solder since i ran out of anything smaller then .063" and i do need new nips so i might wait until Thursday night to get going.

Thanks a ton might leave this not updated untill i have progress

I used .33" solder, 60/40. It works really well for these projects, though at times I feel that I would go smaller if I had a choice. Sometimes I use a little too much solder by accident. Not that it hurts anything, but it can look rather messy and blobby.

Have a look a solder whit water soluble rosin… It’s really easy to clean your boards with that. Especially on the 4pm that looks really nice.

I think i have to stick to radio shacks supplies, i cant think of any other place i would be able to find some without a 3 hour drive. (and i was thinking about getting the metal and wood case from the member on the forums making them)