4PM XT instructions need

hello! I have some issues on the XT kit for my 4PM I do not understand.

firstly: the bag of cable, there are 2 red and black fine wire, what is the use ?
secondly: in the same bag there are two cables of the same color but thick, what is the use ?
thirdly: the pots have all three terminals, is there an order of solder to respect ? if so, what is the function of each terminals ?
to the passage, I was wondering if once ended shruti always work with the original power ?
fourthly: I have understood the programmer pinout 1,2,3, and 4, it is necessary to weld the color of each ports to corresponding pots, but for the pots, is there a particular terminal for each color, or an order to respected ?
I’m really sorry for my newbie questions but this is the first time I do this style wiring, and I want to learn more than anything, because since 5 months I started I am passionate by DIY synth.

Thanks for your help.
see you soon

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1 for the Power Rails of your Pots
2 Power Jack/Switch/Filter
3 Look here
4 If it wasnt important which Terminal to connect to a specific point, what sense would 3 Terminals make?? Look here

pictures on this page may also help : shruthi 4PMXT

Good evening! thank you for your answers! I wanted to say frank that I received the side panels of the case today, This is great job thank you again ! I’ll look good as it should all that, because this is still hazy for me. I have already looked at your pictures david, but I did not wish copy foolishly what I was seeing on the pictures without understanding what I was doing. I hope that I’ll improve myself because it is a project that is dear to my heart, because I really like this synth. Anyway I think I’ll come often seeking information here ! ^^ Thanks again !

bests, analog therapy

Hello, very long time I did not come on the forum, I have a lot of work and my great regret I have very little time to build my projects, so I have 6 machines built, including 3 to finish and 3 that I have not started, so I resumed construction of my 4PM and I would do the same for the redirection of the shift register 595 which was made ​​"dentrobate", however I can not find on what pin of the chip I need to connect the output expansion programmer. I feel that this is the 3rd or 4th but I want to do it well and avoid all mistakes as possible, it is 2 years since I started in the diy, and I’m progressing slowly and I love learn new things, so if someone could tell me what pin of the shift register 595 I must connect the output expansion, I would be very grateful to him! thank you in advance

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have not the unit anymore, but is it not the SER pad ? number 14 of the 595.

Let me check this evening if I have a better picture to confirm this.

no better picture
but I think it is SER (it is written in front of the connector on the filter board), you just have to cut this connection between the digital board and the filter (just fold the pin like in the picture). Then the signal is forwarded to the XT card (the yellow cable between the orange and the green on my pictures), and comes back to the 595, pad 14 (from the expansion pin 3 of the xt board).

thanks david! I try your solution on my next construction stage, but what bothers me a bit is the image of the shift register 595 that there is on flickr franck which is not the same as the image that you put into your link in your previous post, but I also think it must be the pin 14 which seems to correspond to your photo. I’ll let you know at this stage of construction if it worked. Thank you very much for your help david. have a nice day

according the datasheet

pin 14 DS = serial data input
so it looks to be the same, DS means data serial pobably

ah ok cool! thanks for your help davidH