4PM White LED resistor Value for metal case

I’m moving my Shruthi-14PM into a new white metal case (from the MI store). Anyone else done the same, and can suggest a value for the LED resistors that makes them less eye-searing?


I desoldered, in the end. Didn’t damage anything, except the bottom of the control board, in a purely cosmetic sense (nasty brown marks).

I found 2k resistors worked well for the white LEDs.


Just had another look, and the white LEDs are still a bit painful, even with the 2k resistors. Not sure if I’ll risk desoldering all 8 again, or just live with it.


white is harsh, i use 10K

A breadboard is very usefull for this. And you shouldn´t try to find the right value when the sun is shining. I have blue and red clear LEDs that work well with 10k.