4PM Shruthi, parts let over/missing?!

Hi there,

I thought I’d completed the build last night. Powered everything up, lights on, LCD crisp, heard the test tone, everything looked and sounded good. Couldn’t believe it! Then I realised I had nothing on the control board connecting to the 1 x 6 female header on the filter board. And I also have a, I think it’s a, 2x3 male/male connector left over in my box of components.

So I looked back over the 4PM instructions on the MI website and spotted it saying, ‘and don’t forget to solder the 1x6 “expansion connector” on the bottom left of the control board.’ Looks like that’s what I’ve forgotten but don’t appear to have the part other than the 2x3 male/male mentioned above.

Should I be ordering a 1 x 6 male/male connector for the out expansion on the control board? Also, should I have soldered the 2 x 3 somewhere on the board? I haven’t seen mention of it other than on the BOM where it says it is for the ISP. Not sure what that means though:)



You will need this to drive the 595 Shift Register on the 4PM Filter Board which drives the 4053 Analog Switches which do all the necessary connections to make all this fancy Filter Responses.

So yes, definitively connect it!

Th 2x3 is for the AVRISP connector, if you don’t plan to program the CPU yourselves its not needed. And if you plan someday you can always solder it later.

For single mode filter boards you have one connector between control board and filter board. For the 4PM and other advanced filter boards there are two connectors between the control board and filter board.

That’s great guys, thanks very much for your help. Ordering one now!