4pm semi-kit reichelt bom: smd led?

sorry if this has been covered elswhere:

in the reichelt basket for the 4pm semi-kit, there is a single red smd led. what’s that for? i can’t seem to find that in the bom - where does it go? or is it an error or some sort?

its for the eye of the beast :wink: You can also use a different color if you like :wink:

ah, i see, thanks!

hm, looks like the 4pm will be my first smd project, then. :slight_smile:

Be sure to have a piece of white paper underneath when you pick it up because if you drop it, it will be hard to find. Been there done that. :slight_smile:

in fact i’m not sure that i’ll install any of those various blinking lights at all. aren’t they distracting? guess i’ll try out the various configurations before soldering any of them.

The red SMT LED is only a slight glow from underneath when you turn up the resonance of the filter. The two LEDs in the front also blink when the step sequencer is running, but I don’t find it very distracting.

My SMT LED doesn’t go…a problem with the polarization? What about the direction??

Normally, the cathode of the LED is marked in some way, mostly a line which is closer to the cathode than the anode.

the problem is: 1)the led is so small that is impossible to see that line 2)in the PCB where go the anode and where the cathode of that SMT LED?

Use a magnifying glass if you can’t see it. To determine the polarity just look here:

You can see that the voltage comes from the left and the goes to the right to ground. So: anode (+) left, cathode (-) right.

Oh here, this could be helpful.

The polarization is right also…Maybe is my problem that the SMT Led is in parallel with one of the 2 leds in the eyes??
I have also the problem that I used the “Blinking eyes on the front panel with alternating pattern” but there is no alternate blinking…are also the 2 problems correlate?

Did you read the instructions? Theres a whole section dedicated to the different configurations of the blinkenlights.

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Maybe I’ve understand: if I want the SMT led I cannot use the alternate pattern because the 2 LEDs are in parallel? Or? Also can I only use the first pattern with a 1K resistor instead the 10K?? If I want the alternating pattern I need to take off the smt led??

It’s either 2 facade LED soldered on each pad and no SMT LEDs.

Or 2 facade LEDs soldered on parallel on the first pad (not alternating) and (optionally) the SMT LED.

Ok thanks

Ok thanks…also maybe my problem is that the first resistance must to be 1k not 10k…

Ok thanks…also maybe my problem is that the first resistance must to be 1k not 10k…