4PM pots & holes problem

My first post, my first build, 4PM kit almost finished.
I’m trying to fit the pots to the digital control board. The feet on both sides of the pots are too big for the holes. The encoder fits snugly, but it seems the feet on the other pots are just slightly wider, while the holes are not.

So, what would you recommend?
a) file the pot feet slightly thinner,
b) file the control board holes slightly larger,
c) just ram the bastards in,
d) start drinking.

I’m thinking a), I’d rather destroy the pots than the board. Or d).
Better ideas, anyone?

Straightening with pliers worked great. Another 4PM has born!

Same here. All of the recent boards had tight holes.

Yes I said boards.

I also had to flatten my pot connections with pliers before inserting them.


The pots are from the same batch, so I believe it’s the plating process in the PCB manufacturing that changed - maybe a slightly thicker layer of plating on the hex holes for the pots?

the pots on the 4PM edition need a special treatment and I had to straighten their legs up. I never had this ‘problem’ with any other pot I used to date, either with the 1st edition of shruthi SMR-II, either with the ones I got from digikey.

Bear in mind that the pots are often in bags and get thrown around in transit. Some leg straightening is nearly always required.

I’ve sometimes had to straighten the legs a bit with pliers to get them to fit.


I just completed three 4pm units and inserting the pots was the hardest part indeed. I filed the holes lightly but it still took some steady force to ram them in place.

I’ve already seen this problem - Push a bit on both legs to straighten them, and then ram them in :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll try that!