4pm no sound - high pitched whine at OSC pin

MIDI works (note displays on screen when MIDI note plays)
No audio from output or at any of the poles 1-4
OSC pin has a high pitched whine, same sound as pin 18 of the atmega.
This sound does not change whether both Osc 1 and Osc 2 are set to none or to a wave. Does not change pitch when changing range.

Somewhat unrelated but I’ll throw it out there - the filter will play a sine note - I get sound from all 4 poles when cutoff is at 64 and resonance is maxed out.

From what I understand from other forum posts this has something to do with MIDI, but MIDI seems to work. Pin 6 of the optocoupler is at 5v at rest (havent tested with MIDI notes)…


Do you have a scope to check what’s happening exactly on the OSC pin?

Have you tried triggering the test note (hold S1 for 2s)?

Ok, I get regular Osc sounds when triggering the test note. I guess I stupidly thought the test note continued between restarts. I’ll keep troubleshooting from here… sad that I’ve become the dreaded Screwupper in the Shruthi caste system…

after extensive touching up of the solder on the filter board this is working now. hooray!

Congratulations shoggoth!

Long story short I have a hand-me-down iron that outputs at 600 degrees with a self regulating tip and I think that might not be hot enough to flow certain joints properly. Even when I saw a shitty joint from the topside, I couldnt get it to reflow from applying solder on the bottom. Lesson to take away: just buy a damn adjustable temp iron like everyone recommends. what you lose in money youll save in sanity/hair/time.

sanity/hair/time… kinda sounds like space time. dont rip the sanity/hair/time continuum. ok im done.

Haha - glad it’s all working now. After getting a new soldering station, I am 100% in agreement with the savings in terms of sanity/hair/time being worth the extra money spent. I also back your sanity/hair/time continuum theory. Time has already taken some of my hair away, I should do my best to not let sanity take any away either!