4PM-lp4 and lp3 modes loud and distorted. [SOLVED]

Hey everybody,

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I just got a 4PM Shruthi up and running and I noticed that the lp4 and lp3 modes are WAY louder than the other modes. This makes most factory patches have a clipped, distorted sound. In the other modes, the filter sounds great and all functions work as they should. I have tuned the V/oct.

What things should I check?

The third resistor starting from left in the loooong row of resistor at the bottom of the board.

It must be 68k, you’ve probably soldered something else there. I suspect a swap with a 68 ohms.

Exactly right! Thank you Olivier. Actually, Digikey sent me a 68.1 marked as a 68.1k. I need to be better at checking my shipments.