4PM IC ?'s

Hi so i recently got the filter finished (took ages but i was not working on it very often), Also i was wondering if i messed the 220p capacitors up i noticed in on the filter board over view they are in the slot closest to the 220p writing and i did not use that slot for any of the 220p caps. But i guess my main question is before i place in the IC’s that i have ( im missing some i know) do i have the right ones, the stamps are all slightly different then on the pictures from the mutable site.

IC 1 / 4 / 6 i have a Mousers part # 595-TL072CP

IC 2 Mousers part # 595-TL074CN

IC 3 Mousers Part # 926- LM13700N

IC 5 is still to be ordered

IC 7 Mousers part # 595-LT1054CP

IC 8 Mousers part # 511- M74HC595

IC 9 Mousers part # 595- CD4051BE

IC 10 Mousers part # 595- CD4053BE

Looks good. Infact the Shruhtis designs are so robust you may put in rather any chip that somehow matches the Number code.