4PM filter Mouser BOM question

Wanted to confirm these were the right parts since they were missing\\obsolete, and if they are, if someone could add them to the 4PM Mouser BOM on the wiki (which has been crazy helpful).

No 6 pin female header listed so I found the part below (couldnt get the damn thing to hyperlink):

No 74hc595 shift register so I found this

P.S. Suuuuuper stoked to finally build a Shruthi and somehow I missed the 4PM was Thing themed (love that movie) until I saw the MacReady graphic on the PCB. Unexpected awesomeness abounds!

For the 6 pin and 8 pin header search for Arduino stackable header like this (you can find them also cheap at ebay).
The shift register has to be a 74HC595 like this

Thank you! Searching Arduino in the Headers and Wire Housing section seems to pull up the right parts at Mouser:

2 x 8 pin

2 x 6 pin

Yes, this is what you need.