4PM bypass cap question

Hi, I have a newly built, working 4PM. I sourced a lot of my components from what I had on hand and I just realized that my 220uf bypass caps are 25v not the spec’d 35v. Of course, so far so good, they work fine. I assume they are probably a little overspec’d in terms of voltage, yes? I have just completed a few parts orders and am slowing down on building for a while, so I am trying not to order more stuff. I’m curious whether you’d recommend:

1) replace right away with 220uf caps with 330uf 35v (which I have here and likely fit the board)
2) wait a while (could be months) and replace with a correctly spec’d part
3) replace it right away with the correctly spec’d part.
4) don’t worry about it, leave as is

Ok thanks for the quick reply Olivier, I’ll stick with the 25v then.

Go for 330uF / 35V or 220uF / 25V. Both will work. Not a big deal at all.

In terms of voltage rating, these caps are smoothing regulator outputs at +/- 5V, so both 25V and 35V are largely over the specs.

In terms of capacitance, 220uF is actually already overspec’ed. The 7805 and 7905 output is very stable given the rather low current draw, and there are only two points through which the negative supply could “leak” into the audio signal.