4pm BOM

Hi guys,

as im going through a 4pm build atm, something came up concerning the bom.

R6, R13, R14, R17, R18, R19, R32,
R33, R36, R37

–> 33.2KXBK-ND @digikey

R46, R47, R56

–> 33.2KXBK-ND @digikey

whereas they are different - 33k and 33.2k @ reichelt/farnell/mouser.

Now, can i use the 33.2 k resistors provided by digikey or do i have to have the 33.2 and 33k values excactly?

cheers and thanks,


33.2 is fine, that series of resistors has values like that for some reason.

thx for clearing it up, altitude.



Hi guys,

one more question popped up.
There is a cap in the bom which is not available @ reichelt.
Namely this one:

C2, C28, C29 / Electrolytic cap, NP/audio / 4.7u

This one:


Can anyone tell me, what the difference to this cap:

is and why i can´t use the one from reichelt?

The Reichelt one is not bipolar / unpolarized, and the bipolar ones from Reichelt are big as Cocke Cans. Or even FAXE…

albeit FAXE is something worthy, i think i´ll go without it.
Then, i will be having a look @ ebay to get them.
But soldering will be supported by FAXE…

and, of course, thx Frank!

Get a pack of 50 or so somewhere from Far East. You will need them anyways…