4pm 220p

hello so i finally plugged in the iron and got most of my board done. I have finished the resistors, film capacitors, diodes, some jacks, and all the sockets, now what i was wondering is the 220p capacitors that are kinda clearish with leads coming from both ends how to go about puting them in. I noticed the board has 3 holes for them and i going to need extra leads to loop threw or anything? All advice is welcome thanks in advance id like to finish it soon so i can move on to the digital board.

Hey outfox, you need to mount them like like resistors on very small pcbs. You’ll have to bend one of the leads, so that is paralell to the second one and then solder it upright. The third hole is for the use of square film caps, as they come in different raster sizes.

I am guessing i got this wrong (had a drink or two to get relaxed while soldiering, then the pink floyd live in pompeii inspired me to have a few more once i put the iron up) but what you are saying is skip the middle hole it is just there for people who dont have that specific capacitor?

Nope, skip the hole close to outer side of the pcb if you must…but as long you use the hole close to the chip and one of the others, you’ll be ok.

I see so the first from the middle of the board in the outside one is not needed. Thanks a lot im hopeing to finish it up tomorrow.

We’ll see :wink:

Im still lost.

Ignore the outer hole (the one next to the “220p” text). You are left with two holes and this is where the cap goes.

thank you pinchenettes and nightworxx, i think i got it now.

Also i just noticed it looks like there is a polarity sign on the board, i was under the assumption that these did not have a polarity now i am probable wrong. Just seeing if i can get a confirmation on if there is a polarity or not and if so what hole for the positive lead.

Thanks again i would have never made it this far without this community, and sorry if most of my questions are a no brain er.

There is no polarity for these capacitors.

It’s not a polarity sign. The ‘box’ for the capacitor has a part drawn with dashes to show that the cap can be narrower or wider, and there is a line connecting the two holes furthest from the IC sockets, symbolizing that these two holes are electrically connected. These two lines happen to form the shape of a plus, but it’s NOT a polarity sign.