4PM 220p Polystyrene caps - 2 legs, 3 holes

I’m happily assembling a 4PM Shruthi with Mouser sourced parts.

Just a question, the filter board has 4 polystyrene caps. The capacitors have two legs, but there are three holes on the PCB. Am I right in assuming that I need to connect a leg on either side of the the double-line and that either hole is OK on the side where there are two?

Sorry, but it’s that time of the night, and I’m not sure what I see when I look at the pic of the assembled board ;^)

Yes. Either hole is fine (said that she did). It’s to compensate for larger caps.

Wow, that was a lightning quick response! Thanks for confirming qp.

Sitting at VW waiting for an oil change. Nothing much else to than “refresh”. No prob nd good luck!

qp is wrong, its for 3 legged caps :wink:

VW? WTF i thought you all drive 6.4 HEMIs?

Oh right. I forgot about the caps that have a third leg to fire on the zero crossings. My bad. Some caps give the boards transcending clairvoyance with the 3rd leg.

Right. The 3rd leg for the direct electrolyte access that allows for snappier transients and more higher harmonics so it adds to the overall analog feel of a filter.

@fcd, not this guy. The wife and I both own VW’s. Hemi’s & Shruthi’s don’t mix.

@qp you are excused as you can’t buy alfa in the USofA :wink: