4P/SVF Voice Card Relative Volumes

I’ve just finished making up a pair of SVF cards for my Ambika. They both worked fine first time (as has everything else with this project), but I noticed the volume of the SVF voices in LP mode is significantly louder than the 4P ones, playing the same patch. Is this expected behaviour?

The SVFs do sound good, by the way. Still semi-regretting not using SVF cards for all 6 voices. Maybe I’ll just have to order a 2nd Ambika and 4 more SVFs…


It’s analog, so expected.

Yes, a difference in level between voicecards is expected - the reason is that the SVF uses a 2164 as a VCA (not a LM13700), which allows higher signal levels (unlike OTAs which have a noise/distortion trade-off).

@pichenettes thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile: