4M / 4P mode not producing gates on gate outs 3 + 4

Hi everyone,

I see this topic has been hit a few times but can’t find a solution, so please excuse me if this has been covered elsewhere!

I’m trying to set up a polyphonic (4 voice) synth using the new doepfer modules. its all going well EXCEPT that in either 4M or 4P mode, gate outputs 3 and 4 are not producing gate information. I’ve tried different VCA’s, and its definetely a problem in the Yarns. Firmware 1.3 is installed.

Any ideas?! thanks!

Maybe you have enabled the “clock override” setting, which replaces output 3 and 4’s by the clock and reset signal?

nice one, thanks for catching that. It was exactly the problem, and was saved with the layout…

Now I’m Poly!