4hp Dual VCA based on veils

I needed a 4hp dual VCA to fit in a mini-skiff for testing/portablility so used the Veils schematics (as Veils is the nicest VCA I own) to adapt one :slight_smile: After tidying up the files, I’ll upload them to my GitHub.

Thanks so much for making all the designs open, Emilie !!! Apologies for ruining the lovely user interface on Veils (which I love) but I needed it to be 4hp :frowning:

4hp, can chain an unlimited number of them together:

Isn’t this the same thing as this one? :

No - the diode protection for the 2164 is different in mine. I also kept it as 0402 ( the Antumbra one is 0603). It was the most obvious layout for 4hp so looks similar. Ps I made sure antumbra had no objections before I did mine (out of courtesy) and I dont plan on selling it…

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