4-Pole - Sound weird in Edit mode of the OSCs

Hi Guys

Finally i have received all parts and finished my 4 pole.

Well interessting issue. If i select the preset sounds, they sound ok! But when i push the first knob (pin) on the left side to edit cutoff or fuzz, xor etc., i have a weird 8-bit sound. If i select another preset, everything sounds good again.

Where’s do i need to start troubleshooting? :frowning:


Did you choose the correct filter board in the system setting (see the manual)?

Good evening…

Jo, i will check it… Oppla… I give you a feedback…

Uhhlala, how sad… To be honest to you, i hate reading manuals… my job is reading the full day things and whitepapers… argh… ;-(

What a beautiful sound! Cool!