4-Pole Shruthi

Hello everybody

What an amazing Sound the 4-pole has. I knew the MKII and i was also impressed. But hey, Playing around with my 4-Pole. I’m now thinking to sale my moog minitaur and other analogue synths and build with that money 3-4 4-Pole Missions. Realy, this damn little thing sound soo cool and has a sooooooo nice filter. I’m realy impressed! Olivier is a Genius Compliments!

Now i’m realy infected with the shruthi stuff! :))))))

What are your experiences with analogue synths and shruthi?



i love the 4PM too! I had a SMR4Mk1 first and i liked it … The 4PM really got me hooked to all the MI stuff

I have the exact same experience. Bought the 4PM and was totally amazed by the sonic capabilities of the filter, despite high expectations. I am dreaming about a 4PM Ambika. I know it’s not technically feasible, but it would totally smash other polys.

Isn’t the Ambika not already smashing other Polys?

Well, there’s the DSI Tetra and so on, but they’re not as powerful generally. But they are a little cheaper.

Sure - it’s just a matter of time before I get an Ambika. 1st I need to re-learn to solder or simply accept the 1000 for having one of you experts doing it.

The Ambika is definately the most desirable poly for me.


I didn’t find the Ambika difficult. The main board is very well spaced out and so easy to build.

The voicecards make it easy to split the job up into smaller chunks.

I’m stil building but the size of it makes the chance of a mistake or a bad joint very high. I had no trouble with Shruthi’s or teh Anushri (well ok fired one 165). But already had to do some troubleshooting with the Ambika.

Well, next try when the shop opens again, i buy again the polivoks pcb and again a 4-pole… fcd72, could you make also the milky plexiglas for me?

Ambika i will build as soon i have enough money… What i realy like, is the 4-pole’s oldskool sound (filter)… Realy great machine!

Bjarne, just go for it. no need to get one built. if you start with 1 mobo and 1 voice and take the time and follow the instructions, it’s not more complicated than the Shruthi is. once you got that done the hunt for the remaining voices feels just natural (i guess so)

Maybe some day I will feel brave enough :slight_smile: