4 Pole power supply question

Hey All,

I just received my 4 Pole kit and am starting to assemble it!

I have 2 slightly different power supplies and wanted to know which one would be better to use:

  1. Korg - it says output: DC 9V 600mA
  2. Electro Harmonix adapter - it says: 9.6V DC 200mA


make sure the one you use has center pin positive. that’s most important.
(multimeter on V, 20V range, red cable to center pin, black to sleeve, should read +9V)

i don’t have a 4 pole mission yet, so i don’t know if 200mA is sufficient. but the 600mA is more than enough.

from the specifications page:

power: 2.1mm connector, requires 7.5V-9V 300mA supply (can be unregulated). Center pin positive (+), outer collar negative (-)

i’m sure this applies for the 4pm too, since there’s no other requirement mentioned on the specifications page nor the 4pm build docs.

@pichenettes: short question, will the 4pm pcb pair be available soon to purchase?

Scheduled for delivery on tuesday.

Thanks guys

woohoo! great news!