4 Pole Part Confusion.2

Hello again all:)

Are the 2 - 68, (1 on each board) for 68 OHM resistors?
And the one 68k on the filter board? The closest part I have for that is 68.1k resistor. This is the correct part?


2 - 10k resistors go in the 2 - 220 spaces on the lower left of the filter board for the eyes?

and finally

I have 1 - 16.5k resistor left over? 2 were ordered, only 1 needed?

I’m having great fun building this:)


I don’t have my kit yet so some of these I’m unsure about. 68.1k is well within 1% tolerance (67.3k-68.7k) so you should be good there. The 2 “68” resistors would be 68 ohm. And I only see one 16.5k resistor according to the BOM.

(The 10k question I have no clue…)

  • One 68R resistor on the filter board, one on the control board ; one 68k resistor on the filter board (68.1k is fine).
  • Yes, there is an extra 16.5k in the BOM.
  • For the resistors in the lower left of the filter board, it depends on what you want to do with the LEDs, just check the instructions!

Thank you so much for all your help!

I have 2 more quick questions:

I’ve never seen these xicon film caps before (220p), how do I solder them? They are not polarized? Do I solder one lead to one of the 2 pads that are grouped together, bend the other lead over and then solder that one in the pad that is not grouped in a pair? Thus, one of the 2 pads grouped will not be used?

Also, looking at the picture, do I jumper R2 and R1 as show?


There are 3 pads for the caps: [[1 2] 3] (1 and 2 are grouped ; 1 is close the IC, 3 is on the exterior). You need to either stick the cap into 1 and 2 ; or into 1 and 3. It depends on the cap - sometimes the leads are put in a funny way and it’s easier to solder with a larger distance between the holes.

You need to jumper R1 and R2 unless you want to put volume / input gain pots there.

Great! Thank You!
Getting Close:)