4 pole mission to madness


i’m new here ,and i would to give my best salutation to you and the community of crazy passionate

i build now my third Shrut1 with the new kit “4 pole” i have bought the reichelt components

and i have a big mistake ,issue … :

nothing led on the filter board work when i put the current (now after soldering ,i have broken the cms led thin track)
and the eyes of the crazy wolves doesn’t run …

on the main board ,the screen is static ,i just see a lot of pixel and
the led 1 3 5 7 are bright .

i have tested some current on filter board and the value are correct
i don’t know the real process for the main board

can you help me ?


thank you

i have found the problem ,i have swap 74ls165n with the 595 …(of the filter board )

damned ,and it’s quite impossible to de_soldering ,now i have broken the 595 and some departure track of the 74ls165n

on the board (screen side ) beetween pin 9 and 10 ,(lot of little track)

i search where i can strap this pin

I did something similar to mine but managed to desolder the two ICs, it was alot of work and some very colourful language. Good luck!


if you want to desolder this kind of ic, you better consider it screwed and simply cut out the legs, so you only have to desolder the legs - way easier and not much damageful for the circuit board.

Otherwise, a lot of flux and solder wick always helps.

I can highly recommend the Hakko 808 for desoldering purposes. It’s a bit expensive, but in the long run maybe not… :slight_smile: Removed the lcd in a few minutes once with it.

I just check, double check and check again. It’s like they say when sawing a piece of wood, “measure twice, cut once”.

The time taken to check is much much less than it takes to desolder.

thank you for your help

sorry but i can’t cut the leg ,the space it’s realy enough,i don’t have a special tool for this operation ,i need to desoldering lot of things ,with the same risk of destruct the cooper track (the potentiometer on each was really well soldering)

i have check all point of soldering ,make in 5 hour the two boards on in the end my head it’s in the space for install the ic …,
now i need to found the right IC for changing ,and repair the massacre

and it’s good idea this special desoldering tool same as the makko 808 ,really expansive but very usefull i have see some video ,when i have budget i try to found one but for the moment i wait my first desoldering tool :slight_smile:

good week to you

Use a magnifying glass to double check the chip markings BEFORE you start soldering :wink:


$178 at Amazon. Might just get one of those someday. Thanks!

First Think, then solder else Socket ™

Yeah but this would be cool for repairs…

Not to mention some of us want to change displays to OLED easily. If only the LCD was pluggable :slight_smile:

That could be accomplished now that I think about it… it just requires m/f headers like in the sandwich. It would make the LCD sit up higher too which is not necessarily bad? Actually, it would be high on the connector end and angle down towards the knobs. That would make it easier to see…

I think I’m on to something. Don’t quote me.

Yes, it would require a socket and the LCD would rise. But with an OLED I think the end result would be very close as they tend to be thinner.

Maybe I will try this on my next control board.

Eliminates the “OLEDs don’t last long enough” problem too. If it dies, pull it out and drop in a new one!

Well, I think the OLED life can be expanded by blanking it when it’s not really being used. So if you’re playing back previously sequenced music and don’t need to see the screen then perhaps a switch can be fitted to blank it somehow?

Or some magic software feature to blank it with a key combination.

for reply you FCD 72

i don’t understand for what reason into the shruti kit this socket was not available …?

i have think it’s for the height ,if i plug the ic on the socket it was too high…

by the way now it’s a lesson ,always use socket ,same as my own diy effect /synth

by chance a friend of me can give me one 74hc595 and i continue my shruti now

I have a 595. But it would probably be faster to go to a local store and get one.

local store have nothing ,it’s sad ,i make my shopping on ebay ,banzai,reichelt ,farnell …
but thank you :wink:

There’s loads on ebay. I tend to get packs of 10 or so for a small cost.