4 Pole Mission Styroflex capacitor Shruthi-1

forgiveness for earlier, I will see Seville and here I find them anywhere capacitors Styroflex 4 of 4 Pole Mission. my question is if instead of these capacitors as I can put other MKP and mkt? Thank you.

The reason for using polystyrene capacitors is their tolerance being tighter. So the circuit ends up behaving closer to the original design.

You can put sockets where these are so you can “plug” in capacitors temporarily while you source some fancier ones.

Thanks for the clarification.

Agreed - if all four stages of the filter are perfectly matched because their capacitors have identical values, its response may be slightly smoother.

However, beware of buying more expensive capacitor types that claim to offer a ‘better sound’. Many of us have tried this, but very few could say that they actually heard any improvement :wink:


Low tolerance capacitors is important because the fancy filter responses are obtained by subtracting / adding filter stage outputs together (rather than just feeding one into the other). If they are not all at the same cutoff frequency, extra bulges or slopes will be added to their response.

ok I am satisfied, I will make an order to Mouser Electronics and solved when you can not, you can not jejejejej thank you very much for everything.


I will build an Ambika with two 4PM Soundcards. I have some Glimmer Capacitors (196pF +/-1pF) and will use this for C7, C13, C19 and C23. On the PCB ist printed 220pF. Is it possible to use these Capacitors?

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Yes if you don’t mind the cutoff range being shifted up by 10%

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what would you think of that:

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Seem okay. But do you really need 300? :slight_smile:

not really :slight_smile:
but I have hard time finding any and those aren’t too expensive (from what I’ve seen)
I could get it and keep the stash for every every new 4PM to come :slight_smile:

you can get 100 at mouser for $14. Those in the auction look huge (too big to fit)

Jameco has them also

sweet ! I thought those Mouser ones weren’t available… I guess I’ve misread.
Well it seems that I’ll soon become a 220p styroflex cap dealer :slight_smile: