4 Pole Mission parts advice

I’m building a 4PM Shruthi that will be housed in the white metal case. I’m wondering what LDC display to use – I’ve seen in some posts that the kit LCD had a black background. The BOM for the 4PM only lists parts for the filter so I am wondering what display was spec’ed for the top board? How about the LEDs? I see that the white control board lists 1K current-limiting resistors so I’m guessing white LEDs. Was there a specific part that was recommended?

Are the rest of the parts the same as those on the standard Shuthi-1 control board?

Finally, since I am putting this in the metal case I was going to omit the blinky-eye LEDs on the filter – I’m assuming I can just leave them off without causing any issues?



Rest of the parts are the same.

Display can be 763-0216K1Z-NSW-FBW, with 3.3 current limiting resistor (or none).

I can’t find the reference of the (relatively) low-intensity white LEDs I bundled with the kits - looks like it has disappeared from Farnell’s website. And god, the cheapest white LED are 10x more powerful than what they need to be! So you can buy any 3mm white LED ; and try to adjust the value of the resistors so that it doesn’t burn your eyes. You might go up to 10k…

It’s fine if you don’t solder the beast’s eyes.

Thanks! That display looks great. I will adjust the resistors on the LEDs to avoid eye-searing…:slight_smile: