4 pole mission out of stock? anyone have a spare set for sale/trade?

Just like the title states, I wanted to get a 4 pole mission PCB set with chips, but the store doesnt have them anymore . Thats what I get for procrastinating I guess!

Don’t panic! TubeOhm have it covered: http://www.tubeohm.com/TubeOhm/SHOP.html
EDIT… wrong side of the pond, sorry qp!

dude163, I’ve got everything in stock and ready to go. I’m keeping the store closed until next wed as I have to travel out of state on Monday and Tuesday. Wanna make sure I can ship things out in a timely manner.

FYI, tubeohm and I have been working together and will refer people to each other depending on location.

Rock on! ill order next wed then!

QP. Do I use the BOM. From here ? And you don’t sell all the parts as a kit ? Not insulting you, just asking :slight_smile: