4-pole mission filter: questions technically and sound-wise

first of all … a big “thank you” for that wonderful machine … it sounds fascinating

now to the technical side:
the two lights which are supposed to blink alternate when a certain kind of connection (according to diagram) has been established, won´t blink … instead they are shining bright when a certain resonance-value is reached (value > 57)… nothing against it … but is this correct?

the resonance (or better the self-resonance) starts very early on this filter-design … is it supposed to be like this?


  • The LEDs are blinking in some mysterious circumstances.
  • Self oscillation should appear with resonance approaching the point where the LEDs light on.

It sounds MODern and WHEELy good :wink:

what an idiot… i thought my work on the 4PM leds was wrong, but I didn’t even try with the resonance maxed out…


great light-show … thank you