4-Pole Mission Filter and NRPN

It seems it is not possible with the 4-pole Mission Filter Board, change the type of filter using a CC or NRPN?
Is it possible in a future version of firmware can change this setting using an NRPN?
Other parameters, such as the sequencer for example, could also be accessed by NRPN?

Does it not transmit when you change modes?

Yes it is not covered by NRPN at the moment. I’ll look into that for the next firmware update.

a plus for that, pichenettes :slight_smile:
CC control, preferably.



NRPN is good because it is possible to use the INC and DEC functions that do not require to know the original value of the parameter when setting.

@phm78 Are you sure of that? Because I can’t see how that should or could fit in the MIDI protocol. As far as I understand NPRNs are just a special case of Control Change where you specify that it’s an NPRN, what NPRN is about to change and then the new value.

You can indeed send “increment” and “decrement” CC after a “parameter select” CC to do this kind of increment / decrement.

Yes found it, a special case of the special case where you use CC96 (+1) or CC97 (-1) instead of the usual CC98 (LSB) and CC99 (MSB), read all about it in MMA RP-018.

Ich non comprendez la NRPN.
CC speaka ma lingo!

(I didn’t really break our 1 rule there. Because I can’t really speak any other languages anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )

Cool, now I have to include it in my BCR 2000 mapping ()

Any suggestion ?

By the way, I do not find any smart way to handle the 12 mod matrix source/dest into this device …