4 pole jack input shruthi mission

hello will see question 6 months ago that I have a mission shruthi 4 pole mount myself what works everything but the mono input and synth pianos tried and tested etc but nothing change the vga input and change the potentiometer but not perfect but midi input jack all, thanks.

Obviously you are not native english speaking person, if you speak english at all. This looks like googletranslateese and i can hardly make any sense of it, can you post it - as an exception to the rule - additionally in you language?

does not recognize the signal entering the jack

@fcd72 my exact reaction… Been trying to decipher the message… I’m guessing :

“Hello, You will see that 6 months ago i built a 4-pole mission shruthi, and built it myself(self sourced?), everything works, except the mono input, and the midi input jack. Tested everything, but nothing makes it spew colours to my monitor (ok, that’s a joke), i tried changing the potentiometer (of input jack?), but it still doesn’t work perfectly. Something something midi input jack, thank you.”

What Signal exactly? Audio in? Midi In?
You will need to trigger a note via MIDI to open the VCA to let a signal pass thru.

audio in , is the problem

I’m sorry I do not speak English, the translator is the problem

See here for an explanation how to make it work.
Try it.
If this doesn’t work report back.

fcd72 thanks for your time

fcd72 great contribution solved, now I can only solve a small oscillating noise, thanks