4-P Mission filt. card : inverted TL072P and LT1054 , step tuning strange

At this step :

I made ​​a mistake: I inverted TL072P and LT1054.
At the end of the assembly everything works perfectly well but I think I have some problem with the tuning : When i adjust the V/Oct trimmer i I always hear the same note when I play different notes on the keyboard.
Do you think there is a links with my mistake ?

Have you followed the instructions and disabled the oscillators / set the filter to self oscillation?

I works

I don’t understand : yes i repeated again the same instructions oscillators/filter and it works now …
I don 't understand why the notes were the same before !
For information : I had set without listening the trimmers in the middle ( 11 turns from the end or beginning ) : the settings is not so bad …

Thank you again, thank you again thank you again :0)