4.7k ohm Carbon Film Resistor for Ambika

From the Ambika Motherboard Assembly Instructions:

“The 10k resistor just above the resistor network RN1 determines the gain of the final mixing stage. A value of 10k might cause clipping if the level of all voicecards is set to the maximum value and if all 6 voicecards are playing at the same time. To prevent this, a lower value of 6.8k or 4.7k is recommended. You can keep 10k if you do not plan to install all 6 voicecards in your Ambika.”

I will be using all 6 voicecards on the Ambika and want to substitute a 4.7k resistor for the 10k resistor to avoid clipping. I have some 4.7k ohm 1/4 watt carbon film resistors on hand. Would there be any problem with using one of them for this particular application?

Thank you,


No problem whatsoever.

Just a tiny bit more noise - you won’t notice :wink:

Cool! Thank you!

The “mixed” out is mainly a convenience thing. It is better to use an external mixer.

@6581punk I agree. As long as you can fit a 48 channel mixer into your bedroom studio, that is. :wink:

Actually, i keep my 48ch under my bed in my bedroom….

It has motorized faders ?

Perversling™ !

No… shiatsu…