3rd envellope?

hello :wink:

i’m really happy with my two shruthis :wink:

i just want to share some thoughts

i would really appreciate a third envellope (or even a fourth one)
for example. to control the wavetables (one envellope for each osc) or the “mix” parameter without sacrifing the filter or VCA env
i tried with LFO and even with the modulation OP but i can’t get close to it :confused:

is it possible / planned ?

I’m really happy with “rich” wavetable like the vowel, you have to tune the modulation fine, but you can get plenty of nasty sounds from just one OSC :wink:

Sorry, this is not possible. The Shruthi is already running at near 99% the CPU time ; and the patch data structure is full, making no room for new parameters.

cv in + external eg module.