3kHz bump & delay feedback

The LP2+delay board has a very characteristic sound when the delay is set to a high feedback ratio with the feedback EQ set to a high-enough value not to attenuate the mid-range. This is due to a “bump” at 3kHz in the response of the filters surrounding the PT2399. The resulting sound was oddly familiar to me and I have finally found where I had heard an occurrence of this kind of build-up right at 3kHz in the past.

This is on the track “Imagine” by Voodoo Warriors of Love, on the em:t5595 compilation. Sample attached.

I’m sure I’ve heard the feedback build up elsewhere. Maybe on Dawn of the Dead (original).

Or how about on pretty much any Adrian Sherwood production?

Spectrograms wanted :slight_smile:

I’ll spend the day listening to African Head Charge and hope to report back… :wink: