3d vector control on kickstarter - looks interesting

http://hackmeopen.com/vectr/. Interesting

I’d have to agree :wink:

I didnt see that. While nothing alike IM intruiged by Frames and I cant wait to hear it. This is why Im exited to be discovering eurorack now. This, Braids, Frames :):):slight_smile:

One of my goals with all this synth DIY shenanigans is to make a synthsizer that all people can utilize. I’d like for disabled folks to be able to manipulate sound with whatever barriers they have. And motion and light detection modules are amazing for this. Thanks for re-posting such a sweet module

(Double post)

I´m looking forward for a new GSM/4G Eurorack-modules which sends/receives data from my car as follows:
>steering wheel
>gear coupling
>gear shift
>hand brake

>left/right+front/back window-lifters
>left/right rear-view mirrors adjusting
>f@rt + blurb detector
>**+more optional options

So all those actions are transmitted via GSM and received at home by a module which itself translates all those “movements” into voltages, which then control my big wall of modules+sequencers in a pre-configured musical way, the stereo mix is then send back via GSM to my car stereo.


Anyone does need this for real? Practical? Useful? Can´t live without?
You name it… :smiley:

Frames doesn’t sound, luckily.